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Because software is like sex… it's better when it's free – and even better with a penguin.

About r1pp3rj4ck

I’m a 22-year old developer, born in the small town of Ipolysag in Slovakia and living in the city of Budapest in Hungary. I’m working at Netlife as a developer and studying Computer Engineering, B.Sc. in Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME).

I’ve been actively using Linux since 2005, developing with PHP since 2001, and with Symfony2 since August 2011 (when I first checked Symfony2, it was called Symfony 2.0-DEV).

I’m a back-end developer, I like to design highly-optimized databases and applications, writing nice and challenging codes, but I don’t like to develop a front-end. I, myself use only 2 apps which I have a graphical user interface: Chromium and PhpStorm – so I just don’t have the fantasy to design nice interfaces. I can provide awesome, optimized business logic with a readable, pretty code, but there has to be someone else who will give it a nice look, which the customers would like.

However, I enjoy sysadmin tasks too – deploying the application to a server, compile, install and configure the programs we need to run the application, like Apache, MySQL/PostgreSQL, PHP, Java, ElasticSearch, Postfix and sometimes even BIND :)

In my free time I enjoy parting, networking, having a few beers and whiskeys with my friends and I play bass guitar in a thrash metal band called Reanimated.


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