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Creating an environment for Symfony2 – Part 1

Hello, guys, I know I promised I would write one more post last year, but I underestimated the time I had to spend for work. I’m sorry about that. So, here it is, I’m ready to share my experience with Symfony2 and git. Starting a Symfony2 project is pretty easy and straight-forward. However, if you are just planning to create your first Symfony2 project, you should definitely read the Symfony book. Read more…


Switching to Arch – beginning of a new era

So, after using Ubuntu for 6 years, I got really tired of it. It is maybe the best GNU/Linux distribution for beginners, at least it maybe was a few years ago, but when you get in it deeper, at some point it won’t satisfy your needs. The same happened to me. I don’t know whether the new releases weren’t as good as they were back in the old days, or I was the one who changed, but I do know that I couldn’t learn that much from it in the last 1 or 2 years using it as I could when I switched from Windows XP to Ubuntu 5.10 (Breezy Badger). Read more…

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