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Creating Symfony projects like a sir

I’m pretty sure many of you don’t like to download the latest version of Symfony Standard Distribution from symfony.com, install it, remove the AcmeDemoBundle from src directory and remove those stuff mentioning it every time you start a new project. I don’t like it either. Fortunately, I have a better way to do so. Read more…


Custom bulk actions in SonataAdminBundle

Just like Emacs is a great operating system lacking only a decent editor, so is SonataAdminBundle a great tool lacking only a decent documentation, which is understandable, as it’s constantly evolving (and let’s face it, nobody likes to write docs :). Well, at least when I first had to use it, it was. Now the bundle is pretty well-documented, but of course Rande and the contributors can’t think of everything your customers may want (and we all know they want pretty fucked up things sometimes). So there are loads of “Easter Eggs” in SonataAdminBundle – I call them Easter Eggs because they are not documented, but the code kinda supports them. Read more…

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